Thursday, February 01, 2007

Amy, I'd like you to meet Maria!

Who is Maria? Who is Maria?? Oh my, where to start? Maria is my brown friend, a Strawberry from my first year in MOPS. Maria is one of my movie-going friends, but don't ask her to plan the evening; Angie does that. If Maria or I try to plan it, we always screw it up. I think it's important for friends to know their proper roles and this movie group has evolved into a well-oiled machine.

Maria is my prayer warrior friend, my encourager, my first shirt. One of my favorite things about Maria is that she loves me enough to tell me when I'm wrong. Seriously, how many people will really tell you when you're wrong? Maria loves to laugh and has the driest wit you'll find anywhere. More than once she's left me completely speechless with the perfect comeback. Maria is the proud, doting mama of JB, who has one of the sweetest hearts beating. He's four--just about 2 weeks younger than Katie--and I see so much of her reflected in him that it makes me want to be a better mother. I am one of several women at our church who have a girl-crush on Maria, which is one of our ongoing jokes. She is *that* lovable, though--to know her is to love her.

And because I'm feeling silly tonight:
¿Quién es Maria? ¿Quién es Maria?? ¿Oh mi, dónde comenzar? Maria es mi amigo marrón, una fresa a partir de mi primer año en MOPS. Maria es uno de mis amigos peli'cula-que van, pero no pide que ella planee la tarde; Angie hace eso. Si Maria o yo intenta planearlo, lo atornillamos siempre para arriba. Pienso es importante que los amigos sepan que sus papeles apropiados y este grupo de la película ha desarrollado en una máquina bien-engrasada.

Maria es mi amigo del guerrero del rezo, mi encourager, mi primera camisa. Una de mis cosas preferidas sobre Maria es que ella me ama bastante para decirme cuándo soy incorrecto. ¿Seriamente, cuánta gente realmente le dirá cuándo usted es incorrecto? Maria ama reír y tiene el ingenio más seco que usted encontrará dondequiera. Más de una vez que le me dejen totalmente sin habla con la reaparición perfecta. Maria es el mama orgulloso, doting de JB, que tiene uno de batir más dulce de los corazones. Él es cuatro -- apenas cerca de 2 semanas más joven que Katie -- y veo tanto de ella reflejé en él que hace que desea ser una madre mejor. Soy una de varias mujeres en nuestra iglesia que tengan muchacha-machaquen en Maria, que es una de nuestras bromas en curso. Ella es * que * lovable, aunque -- conocerle es amarla.

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Mama Nirvana said...

Make sure she reads that, Wendy! Where did you learn all that Spanish -- I had no idea! I have had a couple of friends like that; they are just so good at being who they are and radiate love to others. They are magnets and you feel SO lucky to know them and that they know you. I'm so glad you get to stay another year. Definitely worth postponing a trip to boring Oregon.