Sunday, February 04, 2007

Our version of Harry the Dirty Dog

OK, now you all know. I have a dog that wears a sweater. I don't know who finds it more embarrassing, me or Krypto. I mean, really--bones in the argyle pattern? The sweater itself isn't cutesy enough? We've got to add bones? Because, you know, I might be folding laundry and not be able to remember, is this Katie's sweater or Krypto's? The fact that the "armholes" are in the front might be another clue.

I never would have done this had our veterinarian not recommended it. I didn't realize that, in addition to being hypoallergenic, Krypto is also, according to the vet, "very low-fat." Krypto is lucky we don't eat dogs in this country because low-fat food sources that don't cause allergic reactions are awfully popular right now.

Now that I've told my horrible secret, I'm going to backpedal and try to redeem myself. To my credit, I just bought her a sweater. One. With no accessories. Solely for the purpose of keeping warm. I was not tempted by the Harley Davidson t-shirts and matching leather caps. Krypto doesn't really care what I didn't buy; she's still trying to recover her dignity from what I did buy. Cheer up, puppy; you could be one of these dogs.

Apparently this dog won some big yodeling contest. I can't even imagine any other occasion where this getup would be appropriate.
And this dog is clearly thinking, "Sleep with one eye open, buster."

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Mama Nirvana said...

I'm so happy you showed a picture of your dog, Krypto. I had been wondering if she were real. I grew up with a mini schnauzer that I loved very much. I think Krypto must have some of that in her. My dog wasn't low-fat, but I did dress her in a sweater on occasion, simply because I could. Kind of like why I enjoy the first two years of my children's lives -- I get to dress them exactly how I please. Am I bad?


PS: I'm so enjoying your posts! Thank you.