Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Should I be worried?

This is William's desk. Is he the next Joey P.?? Or was it Micah? (These are two of my sister's high school buddies. One was fascinated with "Will it stick?" and the other with "Will it burn?" These two roomed together briefly in college, but between chairs being super-glued to the floor and God-knows-what getting charred, they lost their security deposit and parted ways. Characters, these two!)

This isn't the first time the Phantom Taper has struck. (Taper? Like a candle? Surely there's a better word for One Who Applies Tape. Or maybe I'm the only one who needs a word like that. Well, me and Mrs. Joey P.) Anyway, Will loves tape. My mom thinks it's hysterical and sent him a couple of six packs of scotch tape. I bet she wouldn't find it so funny if she were the one who waited until the last possible minute to get to the powder room only to find it taped securely shut. I'm not going to tell you how many times that has happened to me, because I will only look stupid for not anticipating that such a situation could arise. Repeatedly.

By the way, while I had my camera out, Katie asked me to take a picture of her. When I said, "Smile!" she grinned and chirped, "Hi, Daddy!!" Yeah, baby, twist that knife.

William is not feeling well at all so here's the picture I got of him:
Can you see how resolutely he is not looking at the camera??

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