Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Singing a lot of John Cougar Mellencamp lately

Back to the gym today after a brief hiatus. I'm wrapping up my first month of Body for Life. It's a 12-week challenge, the end of which coincides with Scott's return home and our TRIP TO FLORIDA!!!

Missing the last few workouts has strengthened my resolve to not miss any more because re-starting friggin' hurts. When I got done lifting the weights tonight, my arms were shaking. Even my teeth hurt. And that's nothing compared to what it will feel like tomorrow. I can't remember if I've already confessed this, but about a week ago, I pushed myself so hard that the next morning I had to invent a new way to apply mascara. I call it the Body for Life method. I couldn't lift my arms so I bent my right arm 90 degrees, bent at the waist until my eyes reached the wand and then nodded my head up and down. Not the most attractive lashes I've ever sported--okay, I was the poster girl for clumps--but the bending counts as ab work, right?

Somebody once told me that cut arms are sexy. Sexy is all well and good, I suppose, but what I really want is ...hmm. No, I just want sexy arms. Seriously, though, I am really enjoying "the Challenge." To say that I was not athletic growing up is a tremendous understatement. It wasn't that I was a couch potato, exactly; I stayed very busy with school, activities, babysitting and whatnot. Sports just weren't what the Elliott girls did. Eventually, of course, the ol' metabolism slowed down and the pounds piled on. So this Challenge is interesting to me because it draws on a whole different aspect of what I'm capable of doing.

(By the way, Maria, I wrote this Monday night. I don't know why it takes me two days to get something transcribed from a McDonald's napkin to Blogger.)

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Mama Nirvana said...

I have definitely loved the weight training side of BFL. Mike and I have been doing it together, for the most part, and it has seemed the closest we have come to dating in YEARS. The food thing has been much harder for me. I snack pretty much all day long and never take the time to make a meal. I can do good for a couple days and then I have a couple of days where I eat nothing but an apple and sixteen cookies.

Keep up the good work! Florida would really be motivating.


PS: Who is Maria? Are you gaining new readership?