Monday, January 15, 2007

William has a gi

And it's the cutest gi you ever did see! Here he is in "mate" stance. ("mah-tay," meaning pause or wait)

And here we see Fighting Stance:
And a punch. "Kiai!" (kee-yah!)

Yesterday William did push ups and some strength-building yoga poses. I was so proud of him. He was working hard to do real push ups and correct poses while many of the other kids were just clowning around.

When they moved on to punches, I noticed William would look at me after every one of his turns. It was a sweet thing to grin back at him.

Not unexpectedly, Katie wants to take Karate lessons. I asked William whether he thought that would be a good idea, and he was quick to say, "Oh yes! It would be great! She would love it so much!" That would mean we would need to be at the Y at 5:30 and would probably push dinner to 7:00 or later. Scott won't like that but I bet when he pictures Katie in a gi, he'll be completely on board. In fact, I bet Big Daddy is thinking about lessons for himself right about now. I know I am. KIAI!

Oh yeah, I'd be great.

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Mama Nirvana said...

What an awesome big brother William is -- that he would like to have Katie tag along. I can envision next year's Christmas card: The Aebi family, all in gis (I'm hoping that's the plural form).