Monday, August 17, 2009

Snapshots of our First Day

Like many families, one of our back-to-school traditions is to take pictures. Here are a few of my favorites from this morning:

"Take one like I'm going into school, Mommy."

Will spent a lot of time striking poses to look cool. Last year it was silly poses. I would be sad over that, except that I have a strong feeling that silly will be back in vogue with him soon.

Miss Thing, though, needs to stop looking so grown up. Right. Now.

I love these kids.

Another tradition we have is to try to capture a snapshot of who they are as they begin a new school year. To that end, I have them tell me some of their favorite everyday things. They call it The Interview, and they take it very seriously.

Katie's Interview, as she begins first grade:
Favorite book: The Gingerbread Girl
Favorite movie: Hotel for Dogs (which the rest of us hated with the fiery passion of a thousand white hot suns.)
Favorite TV show: Hannah Montana and Sunny With A Chance.
Favorite color: pink & purple
Favorite breakfast: scones
Favorite lunch: a salad, with no dressing (which, to my knowledge, she has never had.)
Favorite dinner: lobster (which, to my knowledge, she has never had.)
Favorite snack: celery (which, to my knowledge...well, you know the rest.)
Favorite thing to do with our family: play Fancy Nancy
Favorite thing to do alone: play dolls
Favorite song: The Dream of Diamonds (an original song by Katie)
Favorite toy: Sunshine, a stuffed dog
Favorite restaurant: a French restaurant (Undoubtedly one that serves lobster and celery.)
Favorite drink: waterwithice. She says it as one word and orders it in restaurants like that. As if they would bring her warm water without ice.

William's Interview, as he begins third grade:
Favorite book: Copperheads (a non-fiction gem he picked up at the library last week.)
Favorite movie: Transformers 2
Favorite TV show: Suite Life on Deck (Interestingly, last year's answer was The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, which spun off itself to become the Suite Life on Deck. I'm embarrassed that I just told you that.)
Favorite color: orange
Favorite breakfast: muffins
Favorite lunch: Famous Dave's
Favorite dinner: chicken fricassee (He admits that he likes saying the name of the dish as much as eating it.)
Favorite snack: Fruit Gushers
Favorite thing to do with our family: swimming
Favorite thing to do alone: watch TV
Favorite song: Bad (Are you kidding me?)
Favorite toy: Transformers (any of the thousand he has, I assume; he didn't specify one.)
Favorite restaurant: Playtime Pizza (which is located, rather inconveniently, in Little Rock, Arkansas. He also struggled briefly with whether it could properly be defined as a restaurant.)
Favorite drink: Orange Capri-Sun


The Mom said...

They are as adorable as ever! Love Will's haircut. Did he realize all the other boys in his class had shorter hair? I'll post pics next week. Enjoyed reading

Surprisingly Lively, Precious Days said...

I love this idea! And their answers are hilarious!

For some reason I can't leave a comment on the post below about getting ready for school. But I wanted to say that, "You go, Mama!" Man, you are so good! You're my Getting Ready for the First Day of School hero! You're kids are very blessed to have you as a mom!!!

Jacquelyn (PAC)