Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's almost time!

I've cleared all of last year's stuff out of our schoolroom. This was no small feat. (I also cleared out some stuff from the year before, and even some preschool stuff from when we lived in another state. But let's not focus on that, shall we?)

I've purchased school supplies. For the first time in four years of homeschooling, neither child insisted on a new lunchbox or backpack.

I've sketched out what an ideal day would include and what I need to do to make that happen.

I've planned First Day activities and the first three weeks of lesson plans.

I've penciled in art, music, writer's club, extra-curriculars and field trips.

I've read up on teaching cursive to left-handed writers.

I've set goals for each child and set goals for myself.

I've chosen a verse for the year. Psalm 25:4-5 Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.

So I think we're just about ready to kick off a brand new year of homeschooling. I'm pretty excited! I hope I can sleep tonight.

Oh, wait.

The only thing that remains to do is the chopping and dicing for my personal favorite muffins. That's a sacred tradition in my family: first day of school muffins. My mom made "Everlasting Apple Muffins" every year, and eventually we began calling them "First Day of School Muffins." They are delicious, but I'm partial to the Morning Glory muffins with a smear of pineapple cream cheese.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

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Mama Nirvana said...

Is Will left-handed? John is also left-handed, and I wondered who else in the family might share that trait. Happy first day of school! Sounds like it is going to be a wonderful year!