Thursday, August 06, 2009

He said/She said, part 87

A couple things Will & Katie have said lately that left me laughing:

Will told Scott, "I'm not getting married for a loooong time, because I like making my OWN decisions."

The backstory. Scott wanted to wear shorts to church one Sunday.

I said no.

He countered that he had worn shorts to church last summer.

I said, yes, that was because we were doing a Hawaiian-themed VBS in the children's department through the summer and this year we were up in an adult class.

He countered that I was wearing what he called "3/4 length pants."

I told him that if he had any 3/4 length pants, he could wear them.

He changed tacks and tried the old "Will gets to" argument.

"Will's legs are not as hairy as yours." I reminded him.

"So you're saying if I shave my legs, I can wear shorts!" he said triumphantly.

"Yes, dear, that's what I'm saying. If you shave your legs, you can wear shorts to church."

(I loved watching the conflicting looks on his face as he realized that to do what he wanted to do, he would have to do what he didn't want to do!)

Katie told me, "Daddy just can't say no to me."

The backstory.
Scott tends to be on the cold-natured side. (I attribute this to his low body-fat and regularly advise him to eat a cheeseburger and put on a sweater.) In Scott's ideal world, everybody would wear flannel pajamas year-round. However, Katie is hot natured as well as opinionated about her clothes, even if she's just going to be sleeping in them. This particular night, she had chosen a sleeveless, princess-y nightgown. Scott had chosen long-sleeved princess-y pajamas with long pants.

"No," she told him cheerfully, "I'm in the mood for this gown."

"I'm afraid you'll be cold," he told her. "Let's wear these warm jammies."

"No, I don't think so. I'm in the mood for this gown."

"Sweetheart, I don't want you to be cold. Let's wear these jammies."

(I'm sitting on the bed, just being amused by the discussion. This same back-and-forth was repeated a couple more times.)

Finally, Katie said in her this-is-my-final-offer voice, "I will wear the jammy top over my gown but that's it."

I couldn't help grinning, and Katie didn't miss it, as she gave her Daddy a big hug and said, "Daddy just can't say no to me."

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