Saturday, August 01, 2009

What's been keeping us busy this summer

This is the second summer that Will & Katie have done swim camp with an outfit called Swim Kids. I am not much of a swimmer (and even less of a swim teacher!) so I love handing them off to a trained professional to learn good, solid swimming basics.

Katie had grown enough over the past year that she is finally able to touch the bottom of the pool. Her confidence was way up over last year, too. She had a good time with the lessons and enjoyed her coach, but--in true Katie style--Miss Thing wasn't going to do anything she didn't feel comfortable with, no matter what trinket they promised her out of the treasure box. Her personality leads me to suspect she'll always prefer laying in a lounge chair poolside over swimming laps, but at least she's now able to enjoy an afternoon of splashing around the pool with her brother.

Will, on the other hand, absolutely loves swimming and spent our afternoons at the pool practicing his strokes, his breathing, everything he could think of to move ahead in his class. He enjoyed it so much I even toyed with the idea of enrolling him in the homeschool swim classes this fall. Then I remembered how much I despised the six weeks of that we did last fall and the holy oath I swore that I would never do that to myself again. Sorry, dude.

We still have a month before the outdoor pool closes for the season, so we'll be spending our afternoons there if you need to reach us!

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