Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Harvest time

Will and Katie have been watching our tomatoes closely for a while now, waiting for them to be ripe. Scott finally told them it was time to harvest our beautiful, yummy, homegrown beefsteak tomatoes. Mmmm, my mouth is watering!

Here is what they got.

Yep. Two. Two beautiful, yummy, homegrown beefsteak tomatoes. But aren't they gorgeous?? Think of the BLT's, the vegetable plates, complete with a gorgeous red slab of salted tomato, the burgers with a thick-cut slice of tomato....oh, the possibilities!!


My beautiful, yummy, homegrown beefsteak tomatoes are having an identity crisis and think they are cherry tomatoes. I can cut them in half and one of us can have tomatoes on her taco.


Mama Nirvana said...

Made me laugh :)

Char said...

They are the best looking tomatoes ever! I hope the one person who got to have them on her tacos enjoyed them!