Monday, July 14, 2008

I have failed my children

Katie and Will got into an argument today over--I can barely make myself type this--who has more musical talent: Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers.

"Some people like Hannah Montana!" Katie asserted fiercely.

"Some people like the Jonas Brothers!!" Will shot back, just as forcefully.

"SOME people," I interrupted pointedly, "like George Strait."

As I expected, that pretty much ended the conversation. But when I glanced in the rear view mirror, I saw them looking at each other, completely confused.

Finally, Will spoke up. "Um, who is George Strait?"

Stick a knife in my heart, son, it will hurt me less.

Then Katie piped in with the equally painful, "Oh, wait, isn't that Miley Cyrus's dad?"

I guess I'll have to take my kids honky-tonkin' when we go to Austin to meet my sister's new baby.

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