Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Birthday Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Woo-hoo! Party! Yes, I'll take any opportunity to have a little cake and call it homeschool enrichment. And I'm totally fine with that, because one of the newest additions to my burgeoning RSS feed is By Sun and Candlelight, and apparently Dawn feels the same way. I am planning to add a couple of her linked activities to our day tomorrow. I was a link-clicking lunatic until I came to not one, but two Lincoln Log Cake links. The painful memories are still so fresh. I just cannot in good conscience make a Lincoln Log Cake for Ol' Honest Abe when my darling husband had only cake shards for his birthday. So I'm going to be content with the stovetop hat craft, building a log cabin out of pretzels, the coloring page, word search and reading a book. (All those links are available at the By Sun & Candlelight post I first linked to.) We may even have pseudo-Lincoln Log Cakes. Little Debbie to the rescue!

Thank you so much,Dawn, for hooking me up with a full day of Lincoln fun!

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