Monday, January 14, 2008

Things that make my blod boil

Read Judy's commentary here then come back. This just makes my blood pressure skyrocket. It's not even about Ron Paul, exactly--it just makes me crazy that it's all but impossible to get the whole story anymore--even when you're really trying. So frustrating!

Full disclosure: I'll be honest, I agree with Ron Paul on many issues. The ones I disagree on, unfortunately, are deal breakers. That is not a reflection on Dr. Paul in any way; I find him to be completely consistent in his views. The areas where he and I disagree are areas where I am inconsistent. "Less government, less government, less government...oh, except right there--I'd like a skosh more government in that one spot, thanks."

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Pioneering in PA said...

Glad to see that you are passionate about politics, and the internet, and whatever happens between the two when you mix them together.

I don't have a political view on anything, it just isn't my thing. But I hear ya about the government!