Monday, January 14, 2008

Menu plan Monday, week of January 14

Monday - Chicken Piccata

Tuesday - Crockpot Lasagna

Wednesday - Dinner out/church

Thursday - Scott's birthday...I can't get him to tell me what he wants for dinner. He has asked for a Lincoln Log cake, though. His mom made them for birthdays and they just make him happy. I made one Lincoln Log cake. It was pretty much a disaster, but that was at least 8 years ago, so maybe it's time I tried again. Here's a picture of the one I made:Just kidding! This is a Buche de Noel I found through google. Mine was--by Scott's request--chocolate cake with whipped cream filling, chocolate icing, and sliced almonds placed meticulously over the entire surface to simulate bark. It was the almonds that pushed me over the edge.

Friday - Lime Shrimp & Black Bean Soup

Saturday - Theme Night! "Diner Dinner" We're having grilled burgers, french fries, maybe onion rings, and cherry coke, root beer or milkshakes. I would love to find plastic baskets to serve the burgers in, and wrap them in parchment paper with a toothpick stuck through. Oh shoot! I just remembered we have a babysitter for Saturday. Wonder if Scott would let me do my Mom's Diner schtick on his birthday?

Sunday - Breakfast for dinner. (We got off-track last week and ended up with Beef & Broccoli for dinner last night. The kiddos were not happy. Lesson learned; back to breakfast this week.)

Thanks, Laura, for hosting MPM for us. Check out her blog at


~Babychaser~ said...

Thanks for your comment!! Wow... that cake sounds crazy! I personally would love to see a picture of the one you make... and to have the recipe/directions! :)

Pioneering in PA said...

I'm with ~babychaser~, and risking sounding like a complete follower. All that she said, times 2.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Would love the recipe to the log cake, looks scrumptious. I'm sure that I would absolutely ruin it, and it would look more like.. I dunno.. umm.. a bad log. Yeah, that's it. Good luck, and happy birthday to Scott!

Shultzybabe said...

Sounds great! Please post pics of that cake when you get it done!

Just Beachy said...

MMMM.. I made crockpot Lasagna last week .. it was really good (doctored up the recipe I had though.) The Lime Shrimp looks interesting...Yum on the cake.

Stephanie said...

I love having breakfast for supper! We do it often around my house. The Diner Schtick sounds yummy & fun!

Nicole said...

Your menu sounds good :) I hope you are doing well.