Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm so huuuuungry...

William & I were just about to start working on his reading one day this week when he announced that he was "very close to starving to death." I carefully assessed the situation and determined that we could probably finish out his lessons for the day without losing the student, so we pressed on. That day's phonetic focus (I just made that phrase up; doesn't it sound important and oh-so-official?) was the blend ch. William repeated that he was very close to starving to death, but bravely began reading his word list. "Number 1... chip; number 2...cheese...what are they trying to do, rub it in? I'm so huuuuuungry."

"It's just a coincidence, honey, keep going."

"Number three...chill, as in chili....number four...chop, as in pork chop...number five... ranch, as in ranch dressing..."

"All right, drama queen, all right."

"Number eight...child, as in the one who's starving to death. Number nine... chick, as in chicken, as in something to eat."

By now we were both laughing pretty hard.

"Number, as in I wish we were rich enough to have somebody make us some food. Oh, good grief, number twelve is lunch; they really are trying to kill me."

I cannot wait to start creative writing with this child.

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Joyful Days said...

I really love it when they get on a roll. Those are good days. Did he get to eat after that or did he waste away? LOL!!