Thursday, January 10, 2008

Something else that's new

Yesterday I happened upon a blog called Home Sanctuary (the "Company Girl" button on the right will take you there.). Rachel Anne, the genius behind the blog, is hosting a challenge to makeover our homes into sanctuaries. Ah, yes, that's the ticket! It seems it takes my home about a day to go from "could use some attention" to "Saturday morning at a frat house." I have long wanted to establish a feeling of sanctuary but FlyLady and a dozen various organizing books haven't gotten me there. I think Rachel Anne has hit on the very thing that motivates me: points.

I'm completely serious. I'm a fiend for points. I have no idea why. A few years ago I was using Spark People to get back into shape, and I finally had to quit because earning sparkpoints was consuming my every waking thought. I could earn 6 points by working out for 30 minutes, or I could earn 15 points by posting 5 messages on their message board. (I should note that I am horrified that I remember the exact point values.) The sad part? Sparkpoints are not redeemable for trips to Hawaii, fabulous cash prizes or even mini-Hershey bars. They're just points.

So now I can earn points (and a chance for prizes) with Rachel Anne and her Company Girls, but only by working towards getting the house in shape. Wish me luck! Better yet, join me. If you earn more points than I do by the end of the month, I'll send you some mini-Hershey's.


April said...

Hi I am a Company girl also , I came here from Home Sanctuary through the laundry(small thing) link. I just joined also.I look forward to getting to know everyone. For me it wasn't the points but the fellowship that got me. I love to know I am not the only one doing things. If I feel bad for myself I am able to look at the comments and say "Stop whining,they are doing it too!" I might hold you to your chocolate promise also!!!

CresceNet said...
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