Friday, October 19, 2007

More things that make me laugh

William tests for his green belt tonight so I wanted to download all the old photos off the camera before adding more. Katie had gotten ahold of it the other night, and apparently she had it set on video. I know exactly when she took this clip because I remember stepping around her while telling William why he couldn't peel the potatoes for dinner. Oh, and if you're wondering why I emphasized that I was putting the rolls in the LOWER OVEN, I had set the smoke alarm off when using the top oven that afternoon.

Just a little glimpse into the chaos that is "Gettin' dinner on the table in the Button Factory."


Mama Nirvana said...

I wish it were longer...I love your kitchen -- even upside down.


Susan said...

I love that Katie's in the first shot...kind of like a hidden camera investigation when the "investigator" gets on camera just slightly to say, "ok, I'm going in wearing a wire. I have no idea how this will go." She has quite a future. :)