Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gumbo ya-ya

I have a ton of different things to blog and not enough time to do any of them justice. Here are just a few quick glimpses of life in the Button Factory this past week.

* One Couch to 5K workout. Still trying to find a good time to run.

* Homeschool is going really well. Except that Katie got expelled on Friday. She was in one of her moods (which, thankfully, are becoming more and more rare) and when she snarled at me that she hated this school, I sent her to her room. Then she cried at lunchtime because Will & I had finished school and I wouldn't go back and do her lessons. Ironically, her lesson would have been that God rested on the seventh day of Creation.

* Will earned his orange belt in TaeKwonDo on Friday. The most exciting part of it all was that he kicked a wood board and broke it. Neither of us knew that he could do that, and the look on his face when it broke was priceless. I so wish I had a picture, but I was holding the board.

* Scott and I saw the Bourne Supremacy Saturday night. Wow! I'm a dyed-in-the-wool chick flick kinda of girl, but this is one action movie that I definitely recommend. Matt Damon was not quite at his yummiest, but even on an off day he's pretty easy on the eyes.

* Everybody in the Button Factory is a comedian. Here's a couple of things that have made me laugh out loud, just from this morning:

    • Will found some maps in the back of his Bible and wanted to know what they were there for. I told him that those were to show where the Apostle Paul had traveled for his missionary trips. Will wondered if he should go to those places, too, and I explained that Paul had not been to Viriginia. Scott jumped in and added that Paul lived way before Virginia was a state. "Like, Nana & Terry times?" Will asked. "Even before that," Scott told him, laughing. "Like, Adam & Eve times?" "Well, after Adam & Eve." "Okay, Paul: after Adam & Eve, before Nana & Terry. Got it."
    • As I was brushing Katie's hair, I asked Scott, "Daddy, how in the world did we get such a beautiful daughter?" Well, that was the wrong thing to say. "I do not WANT to be beautiful!!" Katie screeched furiously. "Okay, okay," I backtracked, "What do you want to be?" "A horsie." I tried again. "Daddy, how in the world did we get such a horsie daughter?" He didn't miss a beat. "Well, her daddy is a stallion."
    • Coming home from church, Will was telling us about heaven. "Nobody has to wear underwear under their pajamas, so nobody has nightmares." (Will started going au natural under his pj's this summer, and the one night he wore underwear, he had a terrible nightmare. Now the two are forever linked in his mind.) Apparently his Sunday School teacher was also talking about the mansions in heaven, because Will wondered, "If it's really heaven, who cleans the toilets?"


Mama Nirvana said...

Loved it! Thanks for sharing -- we really miss you.


mum2brady said...

OHHH - the horsie/stallion comment made my day - I'm still laughing :) Thanks for the chuckle!!!