Thursday, May 03, 2007


I am so glad today is almost over. I have been in a rotten, rotten mood and every time I almost pull myself out of it, some idiot crosses my path and I get mad and mean all over again. Usually, believe it or not, I don't say anything to the idiots in my path, but today for some reason I've just been letting it all hang out. And I do mean letting it all hang out: I got in a fight, a real "Oh no you didn't!" whirl around, "say that to my face" church. (Good thing we're moving soon!!)

And later I said "punk-ass" (in reference to different idiot) in front of my mother about a half-dozen times. That's really desensitization therapy, though. I bet next time I say it, she won't get the vapors.

I have to admit, though, that blogging is just "formal" enough that I don't like to swear when I write. It reminds me of a quote I memorized in seventh grade: "Profanity is an ignorant mind trying to express itself forcefully." If I've slowed down/calmed down enough to write about something, I can usually clean it up and "use my words" to express my frustration. But today I am a giant three-year-old, who doesn't want to calm down or use my words. I'm going to indulge myself with this bad mood until I go to bed tonight and tomorrow, Miss Scarlett, is going to be another day.

I think I'll go watch the Sopranos on Tivo from last night. Hopefully somebody gets whacked.

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