Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shot through the heart!

(Any Bon Jovi fans in the house??) After Katie's outing to the salon, we went for a girls-only lunch. She chose the always delicious Taco Bell. As we were eating, two little girls, about William and Katie's ages, sat down at the table next to ours. Their mother joined them after ordering, and she was quite beautiful. Blonde, thin, very toned, dressed casually, but looking put together. I only mention this because it's central to the plot of this story. Katie noticed her and said, "Mommy, that is them's mommy."

"Yes, Katie."

"I wish she was my mommy."

Yeeee-ouch. "Thanks, Katie." Oh, and the crowning humiliation was that them's mommy clearly heard her say it because she laughed uncomfortably.

We all went back to our comidas (meals... right, Maria?) and soon Katie and I overheard them's mommy telling her girls that when they got home, she expected them to clean their rooms, the living room, the bathrooms, etc., and if they didn't, they wouldn't be going to the park, and furthermore, she would be calling their grandparents to tell them that the girls weren't behaving and not to bring any gifts. All this in a very conversational tone; I certainly don't mean for you to call CPS to report a modern-day Cinderella story.

I couldn't resist asking Katie, "You still want her to be your Mommy?"

"No, I'll stick with you."

Ha! In your face, skinny mommy! One point for my team.


Maria said...
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Maria said...

Sorry, had spelling problems, couldn't do that to you. I was saying if you are a great friend to me, as a mommy you are off the charts. Don't you forget it!!!

Mama Nirvana said...

I am laughing my not-so-skinny mommy butt off right now. Funny how are posts are pretty much on the same track today.