Monday, April 23, 2007

Katie got her hair cut

It was her first professional haircut and I think I was pretty smart to wait until she was 4 1/2 before taking her to "The Salon." The child was made for this kind of thing; when she realizes that there is more to a Mani-Pedi than Mommy trimming her nails, I can kiss our financial security goodbye. For her haircut, she had to pick out and load a purse with all kinds of essentials she might need. Here's a quick rundown of Katie's essentials, by the way: two Disney Princess Polly Pockets with 19 outfits each, a pair of sunglasses and a fat pink crayon that she insists is her lipstick. She pranced into the Garden Salon and Day Spa with this purse on her shoulder and told the receptionist, "I"m here to see Miss Michelle," then helped herself to a cup of cold water from the cooler in the waiting area.

She loved having her hair washed and smiled at herself in the mirror throughout her time in the chair. She was very emphatic that she wanted Michelle to "cut it longer" so she left most of the length and cut in some layers to perk up Katie's curls.

On the way out, she pranced back through the waiting room so all the teenage girls waiting for their prom updo's could admire her. Thankfully, they all did ooh and ahh, and Katie was satisfied that her beautiful new 'do had been duly appreciated.


Mama Nirvana said...

I love hearing your stories of Katie in all of her "girliness". Don't we all love a trip to the salon?


Kara said...

So cute. You think having one is bad...poor John has a house full of girls to please!!!