Friday, April 13, 2007

The Whole Day. THE WHOLE DAY

Anybody care to guess how long I've been futzing around with our vacation pictures trying to upload and/or place orders at three different websites?

One website in particular, which shall not be named, has me absolutely tearing my hair out. You can crop your photos online, add borders, add various effects, and choose from about 900 different print sizes. I'm not talking just 5x7 8x10, etc. I'm talking about 4x8, 6x6, 10x12, 12x12 and 894 others. Somehow my Dell does not like talking to this site, though. Multiple crashes (each one giving me a heart attack that now I've lost all the information I've put in thus far), a phone call to Portland, Oregon (home of unnamed site, where they think I might be just about ready to crack), two computer reboots and $30 later, 167 pictures of the Happiest Place on Earth are off my to-do list and on their way to my hot little hands.

THE WHOLE BLESSED DAY! I now have 23 minutes before Scott comes home and finds the laundry undone, the children unschooled and dinner uncooked.

Oh my gosh, I couldn't have scripted that any better. Guess who just breezed in early? TGIF.

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