Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my latest scrapbook page

(I'm terribly disappointed that I can't make this look better online, but every single bit of technology in my house is conspiring against me at the moment.)

I've been on a West Wing kick the last couple of weeks. (I do this from time to time, obsess over a TV show and watch the whole series from beginning to end. Thank goodness for Netflix.)  In one of the episodes I recently watched, somebody said something in the midst of a volley of witty banter and it caused me to remember a moment from my childhood. It was more of a micro-moment--definitely not one of the moments we retell and retell. ("I didn't fall, I was tripped!" and "The lady gave me a free hamburger for being able to write my name," would be examples of stories that get told ad nauseam.) Even though I would bet all the guacamole in Texas that I am the only one who remembers this little exchange, I remember it with perfect clarity. It makes me smile, and anything that makes me smile is great scrapbooking fodder.

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