Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to spend a summer day

Yesterday was a gloriously wonderful day. The smidgen of rain we got yesterday brought temperatures down to the low 80s.  (We were back up to 100 by dinner time, but those few hours were delightful!) After completing some chores around the house, we had breakfast with Maria and JB at Las Palapas. Chips and salsa! For breakfast! And the day only got better from there!

After breakfast, we headed off on our big adventure. We drove out to Bandera, Texas--a charming little town if ever there was one--and spent the day at the waterpark of the Flying L Ranch. What a blast! It was a small waterpark, as waterparks go, but it wasn't crowded and the water was cool and plentiful. What more can you ask for, really?

Our kids played together for a while, then started branching out and making friends. The boys joined a group of kids building a fort out of deck chairs under the water-dumping bucket, then later teamed up with a couple of guys who had water guns. Meanwhile, Katie met a 6 1/2-year-old Real Mermaid named Carson. There was, as I'm sure you can imagine, much discussion about that little nugget. Maria finally solved several problems in logic by pointing out the reason that we couldn't see Carson's mermaid tail was that mermaid transformations require salt water, not waterpark water. Maria has an enviable gift for connecting with children.

Maria and I spent most of our day enjoying the lazy river. We even walked a couple of laps to burn off our snow-cones, nachos and chicken salad sandwiches. (I can't speak for Maria, but the walking seemed to only make me hungrier.) Toward the end of the day, we grabbed tubes and just floated around and around and around. It was bliss.

Oh and PS, we all got sunburned beyond recognition, even though I repeatedly and diligently applied sunscreen. Will and Katie  achieved a shade I like to call "medium-well" whereas I am sporting a lovely look that Scott is calling "La Langosta."

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