Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A little bit of scrapping, a little bit of blogging

ebay inspired, originally uploaded by Wendy.A.

Today's the second day of LOAD211, a scrapbook challenge I signed myself up for in a moment of insanity. The challenge is to complete one layout every day in February. (There is also a LOAD challenge in October and May, but February only has 28 days, which made it feel a little less overwhelming.)

The specific challenge for today was to go to Ebay, type my first name into the search box and find something on the first page of results that inspired a scrapbook page. I was surprised to get a bunch of doll auctions; apparently Madame Alexander has a Wendy doll. I scanned down to the bottom, hoping to see another option, but it was dolls, doll clothes and more dolls.

Then I remembered that I have a daughter! Maybe I could think of some doll connection there. Think, Wendy, think! Then I remembered an old blog entry from the days when everything that fell into Katie's hand became "her phone." A few mouse clicks + a printer + a little scrapbook magic (aka a paper punch) and I had a quickie layout complete.

Mood when finished: pretty pleased with it!

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