Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Daybook

For January 24, 2011

Outside my Window...The sky is blue, the sun is shining and it's a delightful 60 degrees. It's easy to love south Texas in the winter!!

I am well today is going. Having a clear plan makes a world of difference!

From the learning rooms... Will is finishing a report on the government of Kenya. Katie is graphing data in math. We'll probably finish Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator tonight. Last night, three of Charlie's grandparents took Wonka-vite. Each pill makes you 20 years younger. Those greedy grandparents took four pills each!! It was bad news for the grandfather who was 81 years old, and worse news for the grandmother who was 80 years and 3 months old, but it was catastrophic for the grandmother who was 78 years old. We are all very interested to see exactly how Mr. Wonka is going to fix this mess!

I am thankful for... my newly repaired kitchen cabinet.

From the kitchen... We're having tacos for dinner. Scratch that. We're having guacamole for dinner, with a side of tacos so we don't have to feel guilty.

I am wearing...sweats and a pink shirt.

I am reading...Decision Points, by George W. Bush and Choosing to See: A Journey of Struggle and Hope by Mary Beth Chapman. (WiFi + Kindle on the iPad = Poorhouse. It's just waaaaaay too easy.) Choosing to See is one of those books that's leaving me dehydrated with salt deposits on my contacts from crying. Seriously, I was crying before I even made it through the forward by Beth Moore. (Shh...did you hear that? All the Baptists just sighed and said, "Ahh, I love Beth Moore. She is Just So Good.)

I am hoping...for a strong finish for our school day. We've worked hard this morning and I don't want to fizzle out.

I am creating... workable structure based on my priorities. (And, by extension, the DVR is filling up. Oh well!)

I am hearing... Krypto the Superdog is snoring at my feet. She would be mortified that I told you that.

Around the house.... everybody's getting fresh sheets today. I can't wait for bedtime!

Some of my favorite things...Will's desire for excellence in everything , Katie's level of concern for Charlie Bucket's 78-year-old grandma, Scott's easy-going nature, having my feet rubbed, baking bread.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Thanks to my sweet sister's generosity, tomorrow I have an appointment at a super-luxe spa!! I get giddy when I think about it. No, really: giddy. Then on Thursday, I'm helping with a teacher birthday luncheon at school. I've been thinking about how wonderful all the teachers are and I'm excited about this opportunity to spoil them a little.

A picture to share with you...

Will and Mary in 2005

Will and Mary in 2010

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