Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Further back in the Time Machine

Journaling reads:
Katie picked out her very prettiest dress to wear on her first day of Creation Corner. When something got on her dress and I foolishly insisted that she change, nothing measured up to her pink dress. We tried on a yellow dress, but she ripped it off before I could get her downstairs. I got her outside in Dress #3, but she ran away from the camera, screaming, "Do not take my picture! This dress not look pretty on mine!" She was so upset that I decided to keep her home. We tried again when her pretty pink dress was clean and Happy Katie returned. August 2006


I have to say that this journaling really does not touch the rage she expressed that day. When I see the picture of her running away from the camera, I can't help but laugh to see her at a dead run, but with her arms straight. That's some angry body language, right there.

When I initially wrote the journaling for this page, it was three pages long! I ultimately edited out the fact that I drove her halfway to the preschool with her screaming like a banshee in the backseat. I turned around and headed back home because I decided both of us deserved a better First Day of School than this was shaping up to be. The whole year that she was three, people kept telling me I would "look back and miss these days." She is now 7 1/2, and I can honestly say that I can look back and laugh, but I don't miss those days AT ALL. Maybe it takes more than four years to get nostalgic for volatile meltdowns. *grin*

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