Friday, February 12, 2010

Really random glimpses

Just a few things to share from the Button Factory lately:
  1. Last night I overheard Katie asking Will, "So which are bigger, snapping turtles or ninja turtles?"
  2. I am currently trapped inside my house because there is a nice layer of ice behind the garage and down the alley. Since I tend to back into things in the alley on a good day, I would have to be crazy to think I could navigate the ice successfully. It's making me mad, though, because I have Valentine shopping to do and packages to mail!!
  3. We have been using these to enrich our geography studies this year. We're starting to study Europe, and I have kits on hand for Italy and England. I'm also planning to study the French Impressionists using a FANTASTIC free lapbook I found here and a calendar from 2008 that never got used. LOL
  4. I purged 3 big trash bags of STUFF from my scraproom over the last week. Another big snowstorm or two and that room is going to be a great place to get creative!
  5. I saw this video this morning and it made me laugh.

Colour 2010 GUEST SPEAKER Priscilla Shirer from Hillsong Church on Vimeo.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great weekend. :)

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