Thursday, November 26, 2009

Twenty Questions, Thanksgiving Edition

Twenty Questions, Thanksgiving Edition

Do you cook all or part of the meal?

On the years we stay home, I do everything. My mom is here this year and made the pie crusts for me (and ultimately the pie filling as well!) and some other prep work. We planned a bigger-that-usual menu this year and were cooking like crazy.

How much do you spend buying groceries for the meal?

I don't even want to think about it! We'll be eating leftovers for days, though, so it may average out.

Do you eat at home or go to someone else's?

Usually we're at home. Last year we were out of town visiting my sister & her family, but I can only remember three other Thanksgivings in the last 12 years that we were away from home. I guess we're Christmas travelers.

Describe your perfect bite?

A bite of cool, sweet cranberry Waldorf salad right after a bite of spicy squash casserole

White meat or dark?

OK, true confession time. We don't eat turkey except the years my brother-in-law has fried one. We're not opposed to turkey, but our tradition has been chicken and/or ham.

Stuffing with giblets or without?

We make a casserole dish of dressing, and I can assure you it is giblet-free.

Anything you won't eat at the Thanksgiving meal?

Well, since I plan the menu, I have the luxury of vetoing anything that wouldn't find its way onto my personal plate.

Carve Mr. Gobble at the table of serve on a platter?

When Beau fried Mr. Gobble, he served it on a platter.

Favorite pie?

My mom's coconut pie, followed by my mom's chocolate pie.

Formal table or Chinet?

I'm in the middle on this. Since it's usually just 4-10 of us, we use our everyday dishes. I would like to set a formal table in a few years when the kids are a bit more predictable (LOL) but then I'd feel like I needed to also dress myself up. Seems like a lot of work, since immediately after dinner I stagger to the nearest horizontal surface and pass out.

Your menu?

Salads: red jello (strawberry jello with strawberries, bananas and pineapple) & cranberry Waldorf salad

Vegetables: squash casserole, sweet potato casserole, green beans (not the casserole) and creamed corn. The green beans and creamed corn were new this year by Katie's special request.

Chicken & cornbread dressing. I've been adding green chiles to one end of the dressing for a few years, which is similar to how my grandmother made it. (The notorious "hot end!")


Homemade rolls

Variety of pies: This year we had coconut and chocolate, but pecan usually makes an appearance.

Favorite leftover?

Oooh, I couldn't pick. I'm about to go into the kitchen and fix a big ol' plate of everything all over again!

Extended family, friends, both or just immediate family for dinner?

Usually just immediate family, unless we traveled or someone traveled to us.

After dinner, do you go to the latest movie or football on TV?

I always want to watch football, but I've accepted that I'm going to fall asleep, so now I find a bed where I can be comfortable. ;)

Do you watch the Macy's parade?

Usually I watch it for a half-hour or so, then it's time to get busy with the cooking.

Christmas decorations up before or after?

After. Christmas decorations go up the first weekend in December.

Black Friday shopping or sleep in?

Well, let's see. I really dislike shopping and I like sleeping. No contest on that one!

Any special Thanksgiving tradition?

Watching the Texas A&M football game is the first thing that pops into my head.

Favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

Sharing a meal with the people I love best.

Favorite Thanksgiving memory?

I remember being at my grandmother's house one year (I was very young, probably about 5 or 6) and being fascinated that everybody just grazed on leftovers all afternoon. At home, there was no eating between meals. When I saw my aunt with two kinds of pie on her plate--in the living room, no less!--I thought, "It's like there are no rules at all here!"

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Ann said...

Hey Wendy!

We have this big fruit discussion in my family every year, how that regardless of what spin we put on it, nobody actually eats the Thanksgiving fruit. But NOT to have it at least make an appearance just seems anti-Pilgrim or something. So, aha! Cranberry Waldorf salad just might do the trick! Would you consider posting the recipe???

love you!