Monday, November 02, 2009

A couple of scrapbook pages

This was the second year I got to go on a scrapbooking weekend with some ladies from church. I was as slow as ever--finishing only 20 pages over 4 days--but I had a great time, and I made great strides in organizing pictures so they'll be ready to go, should any scrapbooking opportunities crop up in the future. ;)

When you scrapbook away from home, it is crucial to spend a good bit of time formulating a plan before you go. I had a long list of events and page ideas, and photos, papers and embellishments to go along with them. Ironically, my two favorite pages were completely unplanned; I didn't even remember taking these pictures until I happened upon them the last night of our weekend.

I can't quite remember when I captured Ninja Daddy in action. Scott is dressed for fall, and Katie's in a swimsuit, so there's really just no telling.

In case you can't read Katie's "bubbles," the first one says, "This zoo is crowded. And hot. And stinky. And I am not happy." The second one--taken a split second later-- says, "Oh, I didn't realize you had a camera!"

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