Monday, September 22, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For September 22, 2008...

Outside my Window...the dog just got caught digging in Scott's herb garden. She knows she's in big trouble. I had plans for that basil.

I am thinking...this week is going to be a blur. I'm glad Scott has my car today and I have to/get to stay home this one day!!

From the learning rooms...I sat down yesterday and spent a good chunk of time preparing for the week. Will is going to be learning about Christopher Columbus (stop laughing, Maria) and Katie will be learning about butterflies. This will be our first week of creative writing, too, which has the potential to be either fantastically fun or horrifyingly frustrating. Here's hoping for a great week!

I am thankful brand new little nephew.

From the kitchen...pancakes for breakfast, pb & j for lunch (I just finished making some raspberry freezer jam that I was completely craving) and General Tao's Chicken for dinner, courtesy of Dinner Done.

I am pajamas. (But Will is wearing a red shirt, so we've got the Red on Mondays thing covered. ha!)

I am reading...The Shack, but I'm not far enough into it yet to have an opinion.

I am make a new friend this week.

I am, today, this very day, I am making 3 cards--or I will die trying.

I am hearing...Katie talking to herself. She's making a fairy house out of a paper bag and telling herself quite a tale about the fairy that will live there.

Around the house...laundry, some picking up, and did I mention I made a batch of jam this morning??

One of my favorite things...right now, seriously, I'm obsessed with this raspberry jam. Both my sisters-in-law had it while we were in Oregon and my mouth starts to water every time I think of it. It's all I can do not to clap my hands in excitement to think about the jars on my counter. Lunch in T minus two hours!!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...tomorrow morning the plumber is coming to deal with the garden tub's drip, then we're off on our Tuesday Triathalon of swimming, ballet and TaeKwonDo. Wednesday is field trip day; we're going to an Alpaca Farm and then to an apple orchard. Can't wait, can't wait!! On Saturday, Scott and Will are sailing in some kind of sailboat race....hard to say who is more excited about that one!!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...
This is what I get when trying to get a good first-day-of-school picture for the scrapbook??

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning!
I forgot about Red on Mondays, but since I'm still in my night clothes, I've got time to fix that.

Love the least they're excited!

May your jam be perfect!

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Seriously busy week you have planned. Isn't it just wonderful when you HAVE TO stay home? I LOVE those days!

DebD said...

you said:

I am make a new friend this week.

That just gave me a smile. What a sweet thing to be hoping for. I hope you're successful.

Enjoy the field trip, it sounds fun.

UKZoe said...

I managed 2 1/2 cards last week. not quite 3, but nearly there.

Lisa said...

I ADORE raspberry jam. Yum yum yummmmmy! You are the second person I have seen this week write that she is reading The Shack. What is it? Why is it important? Why red on Mondays? The fairy house sounds adorable!

Mama Nirvana said...

So happy to hear that Susan had her baby! Congrats to everyone!