Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random Act of Kindness

So yesterday being Friday, Scott was picking up dinner to kick off the weekend. (How lucky am I?) It was Outback Steakhouse (seriously, how lucky am I?) where they bring the food right out to your car. He had a few minutes to wait, because Outback is pretty hopping on a Friday night. When the young woman brought the food out, she said, "Your food has already been paid for."

"Wha-?" said my eloquent husband. "Who?"

"The guy that was in the car that just left."

I'm wondering if the guy saw Scott in uniform and wanted to do something nice--very nice. Or maybe he was planning to do it for whoever was in the car next to his. Either way, I have to say that was the yummiest Outback I can remember enjoying.

So today I'm looking for a way to pay it forward. It was completely delightful to be blessed so unexpectedly, and I hope the guy who did it was smiling all night like we were.


adria said...

That is so neat.

Laurie said...

Oh, wow! Isn't that nice? Things like that don't happen very often! The other day we were leaving the grocery store and I noticed an older gentleman parked in the handicapped space trying to walk his cart to the cart return, so I walked up and offered to return it for him. He was so thankful that I returned it for him and my husband said to me "boy, you've sure been nice lately" (that was at least the 3rd thing he's either seen me do or I've told him about in the last few weeks) and so I said it's not about being nice, it's about doing things for others (and noticing others that need the help!) now that I'm not loaded down with 3 little ones every time I go out! It feels good, doesn't it???