Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More he said/she said

  • Yesterday Will (newly 8) walked up to me and said solemnly, "Mommy, I'm becoming a man." I just about fell off my chair. "You're becoming...?" I repeated in confusion and/or disbelief. "Yes," he said seriously. "I just found a hair in my nose."
  • At our church, children who are kindergarten-aged or older attend the worship service with their parents instead of having a second hour of Sunday school. After just one week of having Katie with us, I know I have some work to do with her to get to appropriate church behavior. When the offering was collected, Scott passed the plate to Katie and Katie passed the plate to me. I passed it to Will who sometimes contributes some of his own money. On this particular Sunday he wasn't prepared and quickly asked me, "Can I have a dollar?" Katie heard him and said (loudly, of course!) "I want a dollar, too!!" as she (I'm cringing as I type this) started to snatch a dollar out of the offering plate. The family at the end of our pew was shaking with laughter.
  • The Air Force has had their people wearing BDUs (that stands for Battle Dress Uniform, the sexy camouflage ones) pretty much since 9/11 unless there is a formal briefing or ceremony like a promotion or retirement. For some reason, somebody recently decided that they would be going back to wearing their blues, but only on Mondays. When Scott came home Monday night, Will and Katie ran downstairs to hug and tackle him like they always do, but when Katie saw him, she stopped in her tracks and demanded, "What in the heck do you think you are wearing?!" I had completely forgotten that, being born in 2002, she's only seen Scott in his blues a couple of times.


Mama Nirvana said...

Reading this makes me very glad we don't have an offering plate pass-around during church. I'm sure I would be deeply humiliated MANY Sundays.

Love these. The hair in the nose killed me.


Mom of four said...

LOL, I always love Will stories...nose hairs mad me giggle.