Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Little Bit of Stamping

I thought I would share a couple of recent projects. Both of these cards were made with a retired Stampin' Up set called "Treat Yourself." The first one is a birthday card and I colored the cupcake with Watercolor Wonder crayons then "watercolored" over it with a blender pen. I just love the colors in this card; it turned out just like I pictured it in my mind.
This next project was the reason I bought "Treat Yourself." Will wanted his birthday party to be a trip to the movies. I'm always in favor of a birthday party that happens somewhere other than my house, so he and I set to work on an invitation. "It has to be cool, though; I have cool friends." As if I would have sent out Hello Kitty party invitations if he hadn't reminded me.

Katie had the brilliant idea of coloring the popcorn with chalk instead of markers and it looked just exactly right. That popcorn stamp, by the way, is one kernal of popcorn. I had to stamp the spilled piece, then mask it to stamp the bucket, then mask the bucket to stamp another kernal inside the bucket, mask that kernal to stamp another, etc. A labor of love, that's all I'm saying. I stamped the wording all caddy-wonkus because after I'd done the popcorn, the very last thing on earth I wanted to deal with was fitting all those letters into a straight line.

I'm leaving in the morning to pick Will & Katie up from Camp Nana, but I'm sure there will be some silliness down there worth popping in to tell you about!

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michelle said...

Hey that is my birthday card. I loved it! Thank you. I hope that everything is good with you. Miss you