Saturday, June 28, 2008

Update on who I think is cool

I was having a terrible time with Blogger when I posted those pictures of Will. By the time Blogger finally agreed to upload them for me, I had done something to my keyboard that kept it from working. Argh!!


Will turned 8 on Thursday. At what age do moms stop saying, "I just can't BELIEVE you're ____! It seems like only yesterday..."?? Cliche' though it may be, it is completely and absolutely true. I look at his baby pictures (and toddler pictures...and preschool pictures...) and wonder where the time went.

While Will and Katie are at Camp Nana, I've had time to work on our family scrapbook (and other important self-improvement endeavors*). One thing I do each year is a page giving a glimpse into each child's personality and preferences at that age. It's fun to see how they've changed, as well as how they've stayed the same. For example, William has loved the color orange since he was about two:
Don't get excited, Beau; he's loved Texas A&M about that long, too:
(Hmm, wish the logo on his cap showed up a little more!!) He wore this cap until it fell apart. I was so proud.

For Will's page this year, I put together a little list of "Eight Things You Need to Know About William at Eight"
8. He loves, loves, loves his dog Krypto.
7. He is currently a red belt in Tae Kwon Do.
6. He's totally into Prince Caspian and the Wii.
5. He is remarkably helpful and considerate of others.
4. He is known far and wide for his sense of humor.
3. He's a people person and especially enjoys hanging with D. and A.
2. He wakes up early, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. And chattering.
1. His family is absolutely crazy about him.

I hope to get that page finished this weekend. Should I post it here when it's done?

Have a great Saturday, everybody!

*Note to Sis: I earned that score while balancing the keyboard on my knees. "Somebody" snapped the pullout keyboard tray by using it as a ballet barre. I'm just saying.)

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