Sunday, June 29, 2008

Somebody else I think is cool

I got these first few pictures on the day of Katie's dress rehearsal. Her recital, mercifully, was just the pre-K and K dancers--probably about 200 little girls. Imagine the sweetness! Every class was cuter than the one before it. (I say that because Katie's class was the very last, and therefore the very cutest. *wink*) Their recital's theme was "Ariel's Favorite Island" and a few of the songs were from the Little Mermaid and some just had a Carribean feel to them. Katie's song was called "Jamaican Farewell," which, ironically, my father always sang to my sister and me when we were little.

oooh, nice first position feet in this one:

Here are a few pictures from right after the actual, real-deal recital. Katie was so excited when I went backstage to pick her up. I gave her the roses but I don't think she even noticed them until later. She kept saying, "Mommy!! I was on the stage!! Did you see me on the stage? Did Nana see me on the stage? Did Terry see me on the stage? Did William see me on the stage? I was on the stage, Mommy!!" It was almost as if her life suddenly made sense to her! *big smile*

Miss Thing has been a performer at heart for as long as I can remember. As nerve-wracking as the recital was for me--I had a Xanax omelet and some fresh-squeezed Valium for breakfast that day--I was so proud of her and I hope that she will choose to continue taking and enjoying ballet classes.

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