Monday, April 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I haven't posted my menu plan in a couple of weeks and I noticed something interesting. I still had a plan--it was even jotted down in my planner--but somehow I didn't feel as committed to it. For reasons I don't quite understand, when I post my menu plan, I feel like I'm letting you down if I don't follow it. If it's just written in my planner, eh, who cares, let's go out. Odd, don't you think? So, I guess I had better get back on track with MPM.

Monday - Red Beans & Rice with cornbread. Yummmmm!

Tuesday - Chicken Naranja with rice

Wednesday - out to dinner/church

Thursday - Ugh, I dread Thursday. I'm going to one of those bulk-dinner prep places, you know da kine? I have a babysitter coming for the kids, so I'll have to feed them first and prep something for Scott for whenever he gets home. Doesn't that sound like a lot of trouble for poor ol me, who is only trying to make more dinners for later???

Friday - Spinach Artichoke Pasta. This is my favorite and if I survive Thursday, I feel entitled!

Saturday - Saturday has developed its own theme called "Scott cooks." Last week he made French Onion soup that was better than anything I've had in any restaurant. I think this week he may be making Kung Pao Spaghetti.

Sunday - Breakfast for Dinner

Thanks once again to Laura at for hosting MPM!


Anonymous said...

Your menu sounds yummy as well - will be trying some of the things on your list:)

Nicole said...

Great menu! Try to relax on Friday after your long night on Thursday! lol