Monday, March 17, 2008

How Many of YOU?

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How many have your name?

Not surprisingly, there are 0 people in the United States who share my married name. That's not particularly interesting to blog about, so I tried my maiden name. As soon as the results popped up, I remembered the woman I shared a name with in college. Well, I was in college; she lived her regular grown-up life in the same town as the university. Anyway, as luck would have it, we shared the same doctor. They were, apparently, always hounding her to come in for her annual exam. So when I called to set up an appointment--about a different concern--I was a little taken aback when they were so happy to hear from me. But when they asked "And how is that new baby doing?!" I just about dropped the phone! Turns out she had five kids, which at that time completely blew my mind.

Although I never actually met her, we crossed wires a couple more times. My favorite time was when my mom was in town one weekend and answered the phone while I was in class. An obviously- much-to-old-to-be-calling-my-20-year-old-daughter man called asking for me. "She's in class." my mother informed him crisply. "Is she still cleaning houses?" he asked persistently. My mom looked slowly around the kitchen she was standing in. "I think you have the wrong number."

Hat tip to Jennifer at gabbygwnhwyfar


Pioneering in PA said...

LMAO Too funny about the wrong house!!

No one has my name, I checked a couple of months ago. My married name is pretty uncommon, so I didn't think I would find it on there.

Jacquelyn said...

Love it! I did it, and there is only 24 with my married name, and only 2 with my maiden name. I know there is someone with my married name in my city because she uses the same drugstore I do and they always have to verify my birthdate to make sure which one I am!!!