Sunday, March 23, 2008

From our spring celebration

I had wanted to take pictures of the kids and their friends making this little candy flower pot--homeschooling is, in many ways, a giant scrapbook photo-op--but unfortunately, helping four kids complete all the various steps left me with no free hands for picture taking. This is Will's completed craft. Katie's is still in progress. Meaning that she just can't bear the thought of pushing the popsicle sticks into the styrofoam--it's just too final for her. She likes to carry the flowers around and present them as a bouquet at random intervals throughout the day. That's one of the challenges of doing crafts with my kids. No matter what the project is, they are going to make it their own in one or more ways. That's the definition of creativity, is it not? So I'm learning that I just have to let go of the outcome. Note: I am learning, present tense; not I have learned, past tense.

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