Friday, January 25, 2008

Science Experiment Friday (part 1)

We built this volcano out of clay earlier in the week. I must have pulled up the wrong bookmark, because this was not the clay recipe we've used before. If you have a good salt & flour clay recipe, please let me know.

After our volcano finally dried, I spent the next few days worrying that it wouldn't erupt properly because the crater* was so wide. I was insanely pleased that Will noticed that the "lava" realistically oozed over the edge and down the side of the volcano. Very Kilauea. (See our dramatic St. Helen's eruption in part 2.)

*Crater is the technical term for the hole thingy at the top. And did you know that one who studies volcanoes is a vulcanologist?


Pioneering in PA said...

Sounds like a fun way to experiment!

Pioneering in PA said...

I almost forgot that I had an article published on volcano making, the reviews seem to be pretty good on it although the ones that I have made were a tad different. Hope this helps!