Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We have an *amazing* local Christian radio station. Scott loves it. Will & Katie love it. I love it. Except on Halloween they decided to make some kind of point by playing Christmas music all freaking day long. I will admit that I found that not only off-putting but extremely disorienting. It was out of context, for crying out loud. I need context. Thankfully they were back to playing the music we love on November 1. We rocked merrily on and I literally gave thanks throughout November for WGTS 91.9. (Will and Katie sing their call-letter jingle when asked what they want to listen to.)

Because November is a blur of birthdays in my little universe, I take a hard line stance on when Christmas season is allowed to start. It doesn't start the day after Halloween, it doesn't start in mid-November, and it doesn't start on Black Friday. In my world, Christmas season starts on December First.

WGTS 91.9 disagrees with me on this (fundamental, theological) point, and I am on the verge of severing our relationship over it. WGTS 91.friggin'9 started playing all Christmas, all the time the evening of Thanksgiving. By December First, when it was time to start celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus Our Lord and Savior, I was so sick of contemporary Christian versions of O Holy Night and O Come All Ye Faithful (my two favorites) I was ready to teach Ebeneezer Scrooge a thing or two about real Scrooginess.

In preparing to link to their website, I saw that they have a blog, and the blog addresses this very problem. They say it's probably the most controversial thing they do, playing Christmas music, but people who don't normally listen to 91.9 tune in at this time of year to hear Christmas music, and if they don't hear it, they tune right back out. I am *trying* to feel chastised and find a new happy attitude about this, but the fact remains, I'm just done with it. This goes on until the day after Christmas, which means according to my count, 22 more days of "A Very-Stylized Christmas Medley."

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