Saturday, December 08, 2007

Well, that was a short honeymoon.

When I saw HomeEc101 review the new Reynolds Handi-Vac, I was so excited. This would be the perfect birthday gift for my mom, and at the price, I could get one for myself, too. (I've been toying with the idea of buying a vacuum sealer for years.) I was all a-flutter with thoughts of finally doing all the vacuum-sealing I had dreamed of. Unfortunately, the Reynolds Handi-Vac didn't live up to the hype. Within a week of very, very light use, it stopped working well. On November 27, I emailed Reynolds through the product's website, and so far I have heard nothing back. If the Reynolds Handi-Vac is on your Christmas wishlist, I'd advise you to save your money; mine is going in the trash.

Here is the email that I sent the company:

"I purchased two Handi-Vacs in mid-November; one for myself and one for a gift. I began using mine last week during Thanksgiving. I have used it about a dozen times, and when I tried to use it last night, the vaccuum button was extremely hard to push. I had to push as hard as I could with both thumbs to make it work. I tried changing the batteries, and that didn't help. It took me a half-hour to seal two quart-sized bags and one gallon-sized bag, and I was in pain from my thumb joints being sore for the rest of the evening. Is this normal? I am only 36, and I don't have any arthritis problems, but my mom--who received the other Handi-Vac for her birthday--does, and I'm concerned she won't even be able to use it. Please let me know if something is wrong with mine; I just can't believe it is supposed to be so difficult to use.

Thank you."


Anonymous said...

If it has a good housekeeping seal of approval, contact them! They will get results!

Heather said...

That really stinks, I'm sorry.

Mine is getting a ton of use and is still going strong on the first set of batteries. (Use includes abuse by two kids under 5 who chase each other around with it trying to give each other hickeys). I'm sorry your experience has been lousy. I am glad you write the company.

Heather said...

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the word is wrote.