Monday, November 12, 2007

Increase your vocabulary and feed the hungry

And lose large chunks of your day playing this game: Free rice

After donating 2,000 some-odd grains of rice, I don't know if I feel smarter or, um, not smarter than before I started playing the game. I do know that I've had quite a lugubrious morning. What is ironic is that the least lugubrious moment of my day so far has been knowing the definition of lugubrious, because it's a word Maria taught me a couple of months ago. You just never know when Maria is going to say something that will help you out in months to come. Bwahahaha!

The highest I've been able to push my score has been 44. I must get busy with my nine-million item to-do list, but I hope to find the time (and the erudition) to push my score to a 45 before the end of the day.

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