Thursday, November 08, 2007

Home Ec in the Button Factory, part 1

My children seem to genuinely believe that if you cook with a camera pointed at you, you're the star of a televised cooking show.

An aside: What do you think of my sweet darling's tattoo? It's leftover from her Shrek princess Halloween costume. Except that she decided the morning of to be a ballerina. It strikes me as funny that I didn't even notice a big honking tattoo on her arm until I got ready to upload this video. Now I'm trying to remember what she wore to church on Sunday. I really do wonder what they think of us at "1B"!

Anyway, we were making jam with some of the apples we picked last week. Since the Ratatouille DVD we just bought came with a chef's hat and apron, Will & Katie were more than willing to help. In fact, at a couple of points in the process, I thought we were bordering on having "too many cooks in the kitchen." Quite literally.

I have part 2 coming up in just a second...

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Kelly Malloy said...

They look like they had a blast!