Monday, October 15, 2007

Menu Plan Monday, week of October 15

Monday--Raspberry Grilled Chicken. UPDATE: THIS WAS INEDIBLE. My son held his nose the entire time it was cooking. The dog tried a bite, grudgingly, and then ran to her water bowl. I kid you not. I know, I know. I still haven't made this. I have some kind of mental block with needing to thaw the chicken and then marinate it. It's going to happen tonight, though, because the chicken isn't frozen. I bet this would have tasted much better eaten outside in the spring or summer than it will on a cool fall evening. Sheesh.

Tuesday--Fiery Fettucine (carried over; see last week for the recipe)

Wednesday--Roast. To make the best roast in the world (I'm not bragging, this is according to Scott), use a paring knife to make small cuts all over the meat and shove whole peeled cloves of garlic into the cuts. Rub each side of the meat with salt and a lot of pepper. Seriously, you have to rub it in; the meat needs to feel your love. Then heat olive oil in a skillet over high heat and sear each side of the meat. Transfer the meat to a soup pot and add 1 can of French onion soup. If you have a really big roast--or a really big pot-- you may need to add a can of water, too. You want the liquid to come no more than halfway up the meat. Spread a 4 ounce can of chopped green chilies over the top, then a layer of sliced onion rings. Turn it on high until the soup boils, then down to let it simmer all day. Serve with fried apples, baked potatoes and fresh rolls. Bask in your hubby's love and appreciation.

Thursday--Baked chicken stuffed with cream cheese and green chilies. We didn't live in New Mexico long, but we did develop a mini-addiction to green chilies. :)

Friday--out for dinner! Will tests for his green belt in Tae Kwon Do and we'll celebrate afterwards at the Chinese restaurant next door. $100 says he gets sweet & sour shrimp.

Saturday--Spinach Artichoke Tortellini from Rachael Ray's Express Lane Cookbook. I love this stuff!

Sunday--Breakfast for dinner. I'm thinking omelets, but who knows?

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Carrie said...

Wendy, your menu sounds yummy! Especially the stuffed chicken and spinach & artichoke tortellini! I can't get my husband to enjoy artichokes. I think they are wonderful! I tried to make a raspberry chicken dish once... it's still in my repertoire as one of the worst things I've ever cooked. My husband still jokes about it at family reunions! ;-)

Susan said...

That's hilarious! Not that food-trauma is every really funny, but the way you describe the fiasco (including Krypto's reaction) totally cracks me up. I made something out of Feed My Sheep one time for Beau that was so awful we can hardly speak of it to this day. In the middle of the meal, we both got up and went to Sonic instead.