Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A bad mommy moment

I cannot tell you how much this video clip upsets me. When he kicked the second time, I flinched, anticipating the break, and moved my finger juuuuust enough on the shutter to stop the video. When you watch the clip on my computer it is .00001 second longer, so you can see the board start to split. But, overall, I botched this one, because not only did I miss the break, I missed the proud grin and high-five with his dad afterward.

Here is a shot of him holding the two pieces afterward. Can you BELIEVE how thick that board is?! I feel lucky that he's such a good-natured, level-headed kid because, oh my gosh, he could probably kick my tail. And he wants me to enroll him in the weapons and sparring classes! Oh no,no,no,no... I don't think so! He's SEVEN. At this rate he'll be ultimate cage fighting before he can drive.


Angie said...


Blake is doing the weapons and sparring at his Karate and he absolutly loves it! I think that has actually given him a renewed interest in being there. He loves being able to put all the gear on! They teach them that the weapons are for practicing their techniques only and are never to be used for self defense. It's pretty cool actually.

Mama Nirvana said...

Wow! He's scary, but oh-so-cute!