Sunday, June 03, 2007

What's in a Name, Part 2

I'm still mulling this over in my mind. I'm a little obsessed with the acronym aspect of the name, which I suspect has seeped into my subconscious through Scott's military talk. I've gotten so used to hearing him use military terms in non-military situations that I don't really notice it anymore. Yesterday, for example, he answered the phone when Maria called and when she asked for me, he told her to standby. She was still laughing when I picked up.

So, anyway, I'm constantly test-driving names and acronyms. AAFDAP? (A*** Academy for Dinosaurs and Princesses) No; maybe ADAP (Academy of Dinosaurs and Princesses) Oh, wait, if I could think of a T, that would be cool--ADAPT. Thinktank? Nah.

Which do you like better: AHA! (A*** Homeschool Adventure) or ADAPTA (A*** Dinosaur and Princess Training Academy)

Oh, fun idea! Blog candy!! If you suggest a homeschool name that really grabs me, and your suggestion is ultimately chosen by William and Katie, you will win a handmade stationery folder with six handmade cards. I'll start working on them this afternoon, and post them tomorrow or Tuesday.


Mama Nirvana said...

I am the absolute WORST when it comes to acronyms. But I will try and come up with something. I really like AHA!


Joyful Days said...

My sister (in another state) and I try to get the cousins together at least a few times a year for homeschool stuff. We combined our four children's names A, E, R, C with God (G) and made GRACE Academy. Without God it would've been ACRE.

Will ponder your acronym situation.