Sunday, June 10, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

What a week! It's pure bliss to sit quietly and write out some things I'm grateful for.
1. I can finally tell that my mutant eye is doing a bit better. Scott had me take some Tylenol this afternoon and that knocked out the small annoying pain that's been wearing me out. He's so smart.
2. Scott is pretty much back to 100%. On Friday, William brought me a card he'd made for Scott and wanted me to make sure he had spelled it all correctly. The inside said, "Dad, I hope you feel better." I just melted.
3. I know I said this last time, but I have the best friends on the planet. As our move creeps ever-closer, I am getting more and more emotional about leaving these friends here. Let's not talk about it, shall we? A group of my nearest and dearest are going to see Oceans 13 this afternoon and I'm so excited that I'm just about to come out of my skin.
4. I had a *Perfect Day* this week. Even in the midst of this stress, I've had a lot near perfect days lately, but there is just nothing like a truly, completely Perfect Day. Happy children, beautiful weather, all-around bliss.
5. I'm grateful for Scott's persistence. Kind of. He woke me this morning for church and refused to leave until I was physically out of bed. I stayed on the edge of grumpy until we walked into the sanctuary, but once we were there, it turned out to be a good sermon, and good music to boot.
6. As always, I'm grateful for our homeschool adventure. William is working diligently to finish the year with a bang, and I have seen a lot of intellectual growth and increased maturity in just the last month. Last night, he read several pages out of a book to Katie at bedtime. Katie was thrilled; William was proud; I was thrilled and proud.
7. I am grateful for the insanely busy week I have coming up. It would be quite depressing to have no one to see "just one more time" before we move, so it's a blessing that these days are so full.
8. Speaking of the move, I am grateful I don't have to pack all this myself!!

Grains of Gratitude started here, at Mum2Brady's blog, and I'm so grateful for it :)

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Mama Nirvana said...

Sorry to hear that you guys haven't been under the weather. I wish you much luck in your impending move! I admire your adventurous spirits.