Friday, January 05, 2007


The William A* Dinosaur Academy is back in session after the longest Thanksgiving break in history. Our current unit study is called "Us." Our curriculum features a letter, sound, topic and Biblical concept for each unit. The letter is U; the sound is, predictably, short U; etc. Before our routine got derailed, I would read through each unit before William and I officially started it together. Today, however, William and I were both spontaneously ready for school at the same time so I decided to just go for it. We happened to be upstairs on my bed, so I ran down to my desk, grabbed the bare minimum of what we needed and we jumped right in.

Being out of practice, I started with the Biblical concept first instead of last. "God made us wonderful." We had an amazing discussion about the intricacies of the human body. I was even able to remember most of the systems of the body, which really interested William. (I think I was in seventh grade the year that was taught, by the way, so I was really impressed with myself for remembering the endocrine system!) From the digestive system, we wandered into a discussion about nutrition, and from there into a discussion about the commissary and meal planning. Realizing that we were beginning to spin out of control--and by that I mean that I was getting worn out trying to keep up with my intellectual/philosophical student--I suggested we move on to the topic of the unit. I flipped to that page and couldn't help laughing that all I really needed to do was teach about one of the five senses! Here I was, going on and on about the pituitary gland, our skeletons and the difference between arteries and veins, and I was supposed to be telling him that our sense of touch is what tells us that a soft puppy feels different from rough sandpaper. Poor little guy!

I am officially my father's daughter.

So are we behind where we should be or ahead??

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Mama Nirvana said...

I wish I could join WADA. Sounds like a blast.