Thursday, January 04, 2007

Five Things

So I thought I would share a "tag" with you that has been sitting in my files for ages!

Five Things

in my fridge:

*Christmas dinner leftovers (cleaning out the fridge is on my list of things to do today!)

*real butter (mmmm! one of those "little luxuries")

*pitcher of "refrigerator water," mostly for Katie & Scott. I take my chances with what comes out of the tap.

* one apple

* eggs. Scott loves eggs. When I was pregnant with William, I ate two eggs every day for the last trimester, if not longer. He's 6 1/2 now and I still don't feel quite the same about the ol' incredible edible egg.

in my closet

*the red dress I was wearing the day I met Scott

* a backpack I've had since college

* a pair of high heels that get worn once or twice a year.

* some outgrown summer clothes of Katie's that she would be wearing today if she could find 'em.

in my purse

*receipts from Target

* a combination lock

* two lipsticks

* MP3 player

* a pen that blobs ink

on my Tivo:

* Magic Schoolbus for homeschool

* an Oregon vs. somebody football game for Scott

* Ruff! with Ruff Ruffman for William

* a Lilo & Stitch movie for Katie

* Dog the Bounty Hunter and Law & Order for me. (Don't laugh.)

websites I've been to today (or recently)

*checked my various email accounts

*checked in with my diaper board. I've been on this message board of about 50 crunchy mamas since William was about 16 months old.



* my sister-in-law's blog. Sometimes she writes late at night, but it looks like last night wasn't one of those nights. Hopefully she got a good night's sleep!

Really cool site if you like rubber stamping, especially Stampin' Up! The other day I was checking out the gallery and happened to notice an ad at the top of the page that featured the two adorable daughters of a sweet mama on my diaper board. I screamed and just about fell off my chair.

things I say all the time

* "No worries."

* "Baby, I don't know!"

* "My darling" I call everybody but my mom, dad and sister this. Scott, the kids, my friends. Is it annoying?

* "Well, blow me down." I say this to indicate a lack of surprise. Katie wants ice cream for breakfast? Well, blow me down.

* I couldn't think of a fifth thing, so I asked William. His immediate reply was, "William, make your bed." Bwahahaha!!


Mama Nirvana said...

You made me laugh. Dog the Bounty Hunter is serious business, so I'm definitely not laughing about that. And I think it's more like "Darlin" minus the "g". When I write it might be late for you, but it's when Mike gets home for me. I just got done posting earlier. I was thinking of doing something else that I have been getting ready all day, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow. I don't like to post twice in one day -- it makes me seem a little bit desperate.

I might do your tag next week. Thanks for posting.


PS: I never thought I would become remotely crunchy/granola ever, until I had kids. I think it's awesome that you still stay on that board.

Mama Nirvana said...

PPS: William's comment is hilarious.